meander res anima
Meander Summer night
Made in Germany
Measures: approx L 195 x W 155 cm, slight deviations up to 5 % are possible.
Weight: 800g
Jacquard blanket, 100% pure new extra fine wool (merino wool) from the first clip of wool
244,50 Euro
+ 5,40 Euro packaging and shipping fee (insured shipment within Germany, without islands)
+ 15,00 Euro packaging and shipping fee (insured shipment, within the EU)
Shipping outside the EU or Germany with islands on request

Total price (incl. shipping) 249,90 Euro (within Germany, without islands)
Total price (incl. shipping) 259,50 Euro (within the EU)
Orders Meander
Available from early-june 2017 directly from us.
Orders via Email directly from us:

In your order please indicate the number and color of blankets the invoice address and, if different, your delivery address.
Orders via our online shop are possible soon.

Also available in this color variations:
− Spring flowers (Colors: reseda – beery – azure – natural)
− Autumn leaves (Colors: hunting green – coral – pink – natural)
Your Jacquard woven blanket consists to 100% of new, extra fine, non recycled merino wool. This very noble fibre has a natural heating and insulating effect. Please take good care of this product. Keep it away from open flames and pointed objects and avoid mechanical strain. By nature wool has a self-cleaning effect. Airing and shaking up at intervals would do the blanket good. We recommend chemical clean only according to the care instructions on the tag. In case your blanket should become damp, please leave it to dry slowly and gently.
All of uur blankets are manufactured products made out of natural materials. So the objects, colors and textures presented on this website are examples. Deviations are possible.

meander res anima

Scope of supply:
The extra fine Jaquard blankets are carefully packed protected from humidity. Meander comes with an additional cotton bag and a enclosed small booklet provides information on the manufacture and the recommended care instructions.