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Hockl – trusted construction re-interpreted

Trust is a valuable asset. It slowly grows from positive experiences and is indispensable for the human psyche. Not only do we trust other people, but also objects in our environment. Yet, we do not place this conditional trust in every object. It first needs to prove its worth, appear beneficial in use. The construction of our seating furniture Hockl and Bankl made from ash wood is based on the trusted constructions of old rustic furniture. The opinion that many things can no longer be improved does not stop us from reinterpreting good old things, learning from them to convert old trust into new.

hockl res anima

The fulfilled
of something
generates a sense
of well-being,
and trust.

hockl res anima


The structure of our Hockl comprises a three-legged stool with chair elements. Thanks to its classical and visible construction, the design is dependent on the real experience of its user. At the same time, it also impresses optically by the beautiful handcrafted details. The wedge legs in the centre of gravity of the seat together with the three-dimensional triangular structure of back legs, back supports and back rest cater for good stability and, at the same time, for the characteristic look of the piece of furniture. The diagonal support on the back leg forms the constructional intersection of the design.

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Traditional craftsmanship – modern production methods

We attach great importance to our products being made from the best materials and being produced with the greatest of care in Germany. When manufacturing them, we unite traditional craftsmanship with highly modern production. Whilst legs and supports are shaped in a traditional way, the three-dimensional seats and back rests are formed from solid blocks using CNC technology. This is the only way the complex interplay of the individual components and connections can be realised with high repeatability, the assembling of which, after all, demands great craftsmanship skills, experience and a keen sense of details. The high quality of the workmanship of our products begins with the choice of wood and ends with the finishing touch by hand.

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Best quality natural wood

We only use the best local ash wood for this seating furniture series. Due to its long grains, it possesses a high degree of elasticity and is ideal for our construction. The finely sanded surfaces are protected by solvent-free hard wax.

hockl res anima

Design with a long life

We are positive that quality is upheld in the many years of use. The latter may also leave behind personal marks, which is actually what gives our products their own character, a personality. It is our aim to create things that are appreciated by their owner. It is the special deep relationship between an individual and an object that actually gives a object a soul.

hockl res anima

Orders Hockl

Available as a limited edition from may 2018.
For further information and other requests please contact us:


Handmade in Germany
Dimensions: ca. H 750 x W 470 x D 490 mm
Solid ash wood

All wooden chairs are crafted by hand. Each Hockl is thus one of a kind. The objects, colors and textures presented on this website are examples. Deviations are possible The waxed surfaces should not be exposed to weather conditions and can be refreshed with some hard wax every now and again.